Scott Binsack

Scott Binsack, CEO of The Rain Maker

About Scott J. Binsack

“Scott Binsack” once built homes and developments; today, he builds and develops people.

CEO, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, influential social media personality, soon-to- be-author and professional mentor Scott J. Binsack created The Rain Maker mentoring program as a way to give back. He strives to help others seize control of their destiny, while finding success, happiness and insight along the way.

Scott draws from his professional and personal experiences as he motivates and inspires others to reach the next level. He went from a homeless teen who had dropped out of high school at just 15 years old, to rising to the top of his field by the time he was in his mid-20s. Then, through a twist of fate, he lost it all. But he wouldn’t be defeated; he rose up to re-build his life, his image and his career, ultimately achieving an entirely new level of success.

Today, Scott seeks to help others thrive as they build a robust personal core, establish or re-build a personal brand, gain a new perspective and achieve a new level of success, both personally and professionally. He also hosts seminars, workshops, webinars and works with corporate clients who wish to elevate their venture to the next level with everything from workshops to the establishment of in-house mentoring programs.

Scott is renowned for his candid, no-nonsense approach, with a focus on results. He’s worked hard to assemble a world class team of mentors, experts and specialists to work with The Rain Maker’s personal mentoring and corporate mentoring clients.

Scott maintains a large following on social media sites like Facebook. He also inspires, motivates and provokes thought in his popular weekly show, Sunday Night With Scott Binsack

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