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The Rain Maker offers corporate mentoring services, including leadership workshops and custom-crafted mentoring programs designed to help your company or organization to achieve its unique goals and objectives.

Over 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies maintain corporate mentoring programs, which have become an indispensable requisite for success.

The Rain Maker offers a range of different corporate programs and services which are designed to provide you with a recipe for success. The Rain Maker offers everything from comprehensive workshops, to on-site consulting and even guidance for companies that wish to establish an in-house corporate mentoring program.

Each mentoring program or workshop can be customized and tailor crafted to include many different elements, including:

Employee Career Development

Corporate Mentoring Services from Rain MakerEmployee career development is one of the most common forms of corporate mentoring. But this form of mentoring has gone far beyond the traditional approach, which entails pairing an experienced senior staff member to serve as a mentor to a new, less experienced mentee. The Rain Maker’s offerings go far beyond this to include high-potential development, team-building, networking and personal development, which serves to build the individual’s core before focusing on the professional development aspects of the equation.

Corporate Mentoring SolutionsLeadership Development

Leadership development is a key element of any corporate mentoring program. A leadership development workshop can include personal development elements, team building exercises and much more. The objective is to inspire each and every employee to find confidence, motivation and a winning can-do attitude that drives each person to achieve greatness both in the office and beyond. Creating leaders and building unity are essential when creating a healthy, thriving and productive corporate environment.

Custom Corporate Mentoring Programs

The Rain Maker offers a range of different corporate mentoring services, including:

  • Workshops and retreats for leadership development, team building, personal development and professional development;
  • Consulting for companies that wish to develop an in-house mentoring program;
  • And custom corporate mentoring offerings, built to suit each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Workshops from The Rain MakerIf you’re ready to inspire and unite your employees, while transform your company culture into one that’s positive and productive, turn to The Rain Maker program with “Scott Binsack.” This unique and intensive mentoring program is certain to elevate your venture to the next level.

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