The Storm Program

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What is the Storm Program?

The Rain Maker’s Storm program is a one-of-a-kind program designed specifically for real estate professionals who are seeking to elevate their career to the next level. In short, we won’t just make it rain; we’ll make it storm!

The Storm Program’s elite team of real estate coaches are some of the best in the field; top producers and highly respected professionals who are here to help you succeed like never before.

Finding success in the hyper-competitive real estate industry can be a challenge. In order to succeed, you can’t be ordinary; you must be exceptional! The Storm Program’s expert coaching team is here to transform you into the exceptional real estate professional that you’re destined to become!

Whether you’re seeking to increase your sales, need help refining your sales strategies or want to get involved in short sales and real estate investing, the Storm Program’s elite coaching team is here to assist! Our expert coaches work with a wide variety of clients, including new, up-and-coming real estate agents who need a bit of guidance to achieve their full potential to more experienced Realtors who are ready to expand into new areas of real estate field or refine their skill set.

The Benefits

The Storm Program brings a diverse range of benefits to clients like you, including:

• One-on-one sessions with a best-in-class real estate professional;
• Constructive critiques to push you to the next level;
• Evaluation of your branding and promotion strategy;
• Personalized career coaching to help you achieve your objectives;
• Guidance with goal setting and accountability as you work to achieve those goals;
• Leverage your coach’s professional expertise as you learn, grow, thrive and ultimately, make it storm!

Pricing for The Storm Program starts at $250 per month, making it an affordable solution for every real estate professional who is interested in expanding their knowledge base, growing their skill set and elevating their career.

If you’re a real estate professional who’s ready to make it storm, turn to the expert team here at The Rain Maker’s Storm Program! Learn more today by calling 800.844.2820.

Meet the Storm Coaches

Click to Meet Rosemary Kelleher

Click to Meet Rosemary Kelleher

Click Here to Meet Judy Szablak

Click Here to Meet Judy Szablak

Click Here to Meet Kristine Zelazo

Click Here to Meet Kristine Zelazo

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