What are the Benefits of Mentoring?

The benefits of mentoring

Mentoring can serve as a powerful tool for development and growth, both on a personal and professional level. As such, mentoring brings many benefits and advantages.

A mentor serves to guide, motivate and elevate the mentee as he or she strives to achieve their goals and objectives. From transforming your presence and image on the web, to working through a procrastination tendency, or simply creating a roadmap and embarking down a path that will lead the mentee to his or her goals in the future, a mentor can help an individual to achieve some very incredible things.

The benefits of mentoring are many and varied.

Mentors Provide AccountabilityMentors and You

If you’re not a self-starter, then mentoring can serve as a great mechanism for providing an individual with accountability for their actions. It’s easy to procrastinate or lose sight of your objectives when there’s nobody holding you accountable for your action (or inaction.)

But when an individual is held accountable, it’s a powerful mechanism that plays to one’s psychology in a very powerful way. Quite simply, we’re more apt to meet our objectives when there’s another person who has expectations that we’ll achieve a particular goal or complete a specific task.

Mentors Provide Motivation

One’s walk through life can be difficult, challenging and downright discouraging at times. Roadblocks can be extremely disheartening. Setbacks are sometimes devastating.

Everyone needs a boost on occasion, as this serves to inspire, encourage and renew your commitment as you walk down the path toward achieving something incredible. When an individual stumbles and falls, a mentor can help you back onto your feet so you can dust yourself off and resume your evolution to greatness.

Mentors Drive Personal and Professional Growth

Mentors Help With Goal SettingAn important function of a mentor is to promote growth by making recommendations, provoking thought and challenging the mentee to push beyond his or her comfort zone.

Mentors also play an important role when it comes to setting goals and working toward those goals. A mentor will guide the mentee as they create ”SMART” goals; that is, goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Once the mentee has established their objectives, the mentor will encourage, motivate, guide and challenge the individual as they strive to make those dreams a reality.

Mentors Have Valuable Insight and Experience

Wisdom arises from experience. Some very essential bits of insight can be obtained from a person who has ”been there” and ”done that.” Someone who walked the same path before you is already familiar with the many twists, turns, shortcuts, dead ends and pitfalls. They know what works and what doesn’t work.

A mentor can share some incredible insights and wisdom that can prepare the mentee for challenges, while simultaneously enabling them to avoid obstacles and pitfalls. A seasoned mentor may also possess important connections that can lead to some wonderful networking and business opportunities.

Mentors may also challenge an individual’s way of thinking by playing devil’s advocate, asking thought-provoking questions or presenting a point of view that had not been previously considered.

Seminars With The Rain MakerMentors Teach and Train

A mentor can provide valuable lessons and training to improve, grow and develop personally and professionally.

In addition to sharing their own knowledge, mentors can also provide a mentee with guidance on what skills, training and tools are required to achieve their goals and objectives. Individuals often have a goal, but they don’t know precisely what’s required to achieve that objective. A mentor will equip you with the knowledge and training you need to succeed.

Mentors Offer Invaluable Guidance

At the end of the day, a mentor serves as an essential guide. They know what it takes to succeed, both personally and professionally, from providing advice for your next online marketing campaign, to guiding a re-invention of your personal brand, helping you achieve personal development goals or putting you in touch with an essential networking connection who can help you achieve your next goal….and beyond.

A mentor knows how to elevate an individual, challenging and motivating that person to surpass objectives and exceed their own expectations of excellence.

Simply stated, mentors have the power to transform lives.

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