What is the Mentoring Process?

Grow with corporate mentoring

The mentoring process can lead to some very incredible transformations, both in a person’s personal life and in their career.

The Rain Maker is a unique, one-of-a-kind mentoring program that’s catered to suit the client’s precise goals and objectives. There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for success, but our world class mentors all use the same basic process to bring about growth and improvement.

Getting to Know the Client

The mentoring process begins with a general introduction between the mentor and the mentee. The mentor will discuss the general process with the client so they know what to expect. This overview is followed by an introductory process, whereby the client is asked to provide information on their background, their successes and achievements, their failures, their strengths, their faults and their dreams.

Developing a Personalized Road Map to Success

Reach Your Goals with the Rain MakerOnce the mentor has a feel for his or her client, it’s time to develop a personalized road map to success. The mentor will work one-on-one with the client to establish ”SMART” goals; that is, goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.  Once goals are established, the mentor will guide the client through the process of developing a game plan.

At The Rain Maker, we believe that personal development and professional development are inextricably linked. Therefore, our mentors begin by helping clients to develop a robust, strong personal core; this then serves as the foundation for the individual’s professional development.

Much of the mentor process centers around goal setting and working with the client as they work to achieve those goals and objectives. The mentor will work to motivate, inspire and push the mentee to achieve more than they ever knew was possible.

Promoting Growth, Learning and Connections

Mentoring benefitsThroughout the mentoring process, the mentor will also challenge the mentee with various tasks and exercises that serve to promote growth and development in areas that are relevant to the mentee’s unique goals and aspirations.

This growth and learning can take many forms, from asking a client to keep a personal spending journal to track finances, to directing the client to relevant resources such as webinars and workshops, or instructing the mentee to develop a list of personal strengths and weaknesses.

These ”assignments” are an essential component of the mentoring process.  Dramatic growth and transformations are only possible with lots of hard work outside of the one-on-one mentoring sessions.

The mentor may also use a one-on-one session to teach a new skill or simply share knowledge and recommendations. Mentors can also provide the mentee with valuable connections and networking opportunities, which can bring about fruitful partnerships, collaborations and much more.

Elevating You to the Next Level

Helping You Reach GoalsThe Rain Maker is all about helping exceptional individuals to grow, evolve and thrive. So in addition to working with clients one-on-one and promoting growth, development, learning and networking, The Rain Maker also strives to equip clients with a diverse array of resources. These resources elevate each individual to the next level in the personal and professional realms.  Each client’s goals are unique and diverse, therefore, so are our offerings.

We provide a wide range of resources, such as helping clients to establish a unique personal brand. We can assist whether you’re giving your brand a complete overhaul and reinvention or need a hand to establish your personal brand for the very first time. This can include the creation of a professional website with professionally-written content and stunning graphics; it may include coaching to help you develop dynamic public speaking skills; or we may work to help you to create a thriving social media presence. The sky is the limit.

The Rain Maker’s multi-faceted program is designed to transform individuals on a personal and professional level. Each person is unique, therefore each client’s program is tailor-crafted with various elements that suit their precise objectives.

Whatever your vision of success may include, The Rain Maker is committed to guiding exceptional individuals who are ready to elevate their life and career to the next level.

We also offer a corporate mentoring program for companies and organizations. 

We invite you to learn more about the basics of mentoring, the mentor’s role and the benefits.

In addition, we also offer a full complement of specialty services, along with seminars, webinars and workshops. Call 800.844.2820.


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